Friday, October 13, 2006


The guys made a little joga video. I was fast asleep but it's pretty good. Take a look here.

Probably after the exams I'll do a nice one up for competition. Beautiful. 


It was graduation today and apparently, tutors approached me and well, some words were thrown to me. Note, these were the exact words.

My favourite old man told me something which I think should be done.

"You can make it. Don't disappoint me."

Next up was the younger "Most Caring Teacher of the Year"

"You can make it. Don't disappoint me."

Lastly was the one who wished I aimed for an A or B a few months back. Apparently all she wishes for now is a pass.

"You can make it. Don't disappoint me."

The one who ran through figures with me, I did not even dare to speak to him. But I tried to smile. Note the emphasis on "tried".


Damn. The guilt, the anxiety, the little hope then the sudden urge of determination.

18 Days, 6 Days per subject.

I'ts just 3 grades of ACC - I'll just friggin hell do it.

2 years of the college, I learnt a hell lot. It was where I developed the most and faced the cruelty of human relations. Another year wouldn't sadden me greatly but damn it. I'm under pressure here.

PS: Sorry readers, pray for me in my absense. That's if you have a religion. Or else, just kinda pray too. I don't want them to see me graduate once more.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

One Year Old

It's first year anniversary for me and my dearest. Well, there are really some days where you cannot use words to describe. Nevertheless, these are pictures of what my dearest presented me with.

Unopened box Brownie or whatever you call it inside the box

I would often use the set of cliche words to bring her out of disappointment or anger. I believe however, such sweetness can never be compared to simplicity in sincereity.

We got together on the last day of our promotional examinations and time flies... The wings of time has brought us standing here today and I would really just like to tell her:

There isn't a better girl out there. C=

I Present My Replies (Film of Our Times)

<CheekyMonkey>: Jack Neo accomodates the community. Royston Tan feeds on his personality. It's wrong to say Neo is shallow without justification.

It is not through personal judgement that I state Mr Neo's incapability for depth. I understand his predicament as a film-maker, and I agree that he accommodates the community. However, let's take the last film from him that I could remember watching.

Home Run.

I would like to remind readers that the film was merely a re-interpretation of the film "Children of Heaven" and while it touched the hearts of many, it was the element from the original film that did so, while no, or very few from the adaptation took part in the task.

The overview in which the film provided audience, was one that depicted the young days of Singapore after gaining independence. It circled around the issue of poverty (which was the main element of tears) but other than being issue driven, there was hardly any character driven development and large amounts of time were used up to portray certain brief points, where such precious time could be implemented in greater development on the storyboard.

I wish to make known that my definition of shallowness is greatly constructed from brief or poor development of the different portions of the film.

<CheekyMonkey>: All about Money, Money, Money? How would you get those wonderful special effects you see in cinemas and actors of pedigree without having the money?

<OsirisZ>: ...(continued) and yeah... tt's how money grows money comes about wad... no money, how's there investment in industry, if no investment, how's there no money involved

I would refer to the portion "Money. Money. Money" and relate it to the overview of the entire paragraph. I believe my stated points were a short summary of how FINANCIAL gains has been taken as top priority instead of ARTISTIC presentations. This probably, from the obvious interpretations of my previous paragraphs, were in direct reference to Hollywood movies. In no form were my points in relevance to capital or investment. It was purely the fact that revenue and profits stated in profit and loss accounts were of greater priority. Taken into assumption, the production team was working on the basis of a one-time film. What was referred in the tagboard, where involved effects and great actors of pedigree at the expense of cash as currency, in my point of view, is categorized under the portion of investment and start-up.

<OsirisZ>: ONCE entertainment? i thought it still is...

My sincere apologies for the misunderstanding. I have edited the sentence with an additional word. I was sending across a point to the readers in which the FOCUS of film-making has clearly shifted in comparison to the past. The initial concept of film production was entertainment as I am sure you would agree.

EDITED: "Films were once created solely for entertainment."

<OsirisZ>: All i noe is, films serve many purposes, and sending a message across is juz one of them. wat bout the purpose of horror movies? Isnt it plainly and purely for entertainment and thrill? cant realli say ALL the movies nowadays are shallow lor~

I greatly emphasized at the opening of the article the focus on "Hollywood releases". As such, if we were to place the emphasis now on horror movies, where such are created purely for "entertainment and thrill", I would seek for a sincere comparison between two really famous films, re-created by Hollywood.

  1. The Grudge (Ju-on)
  2. The Ring, Sadako in certain countries (The Ring)

Refer to my reply to CheekyMonkey below for details on how my comments on shallowness were never intended and never presented absolutely.

<CheekyMonkey>: "No, all these never matter anymore somehow". That's really sad isn't it. Wonder why are we watching movies now that they are so-called meaningless?

In all fairness and equality, I believe you overlooked such comments:

"Certain films deserve the praise..."

"Of course, there are real successful movies who are earning big bucks in this decade are films of impeccable standards, in every aspect possible. Such, I will not even dare to raise my critical finger to."

There was no single tinge of intention there to label films, I believe, in which you are equating movies of today absolutely as meaningless. To add on to a more balanced ratio of comments, I reinforce again, that these comments that were coupled along negatively mentioned quoted words were with reference to certain Hollywood Releases, which indeed, are not ideally producing films. I hold my stand still.

<CheekyMonkey>: Basically, your viewpoint is from a personal biased perspective which puts across your desire for films of abstract intellectuality. Try keeping the review fair if you want it as such :)

Somehow there has been a portrayal of my personal views of one that favors abstract intellectuality greatly. I could not interpret however, in which paragraph of the article giving an extremely personal biased perspective in favor of films that present abstract intellectuality.

Probably such misunderstandings were caused in the last paragraph, but the usage of the word "abstract" was in a context where Film Festivals, were compared to commercially released films in terms of, in your words, abstract intellectuality.

The next usage of the word "abstract" was the mention of Singapore Dreaming, where it was featured in various film festivals internationally but yet, "in a Singaporean context of course, wasn't much at all of abstract." Refer to my review, in which you would agree with me, that a personal positive liking for that film was taken into.

I now state my missing stand as a film-maker, where abstract intellectuality is an experiment and an adventure. If I was to stubbornly live with experiment, where would my audience come from?

<zed_j>: U forgot about the large slice of the audience that do not appreciate art house films and are not sophisticated enough to understand them. But I concur that your points are still valid.

Well a really big thank you Zed_J, but on the point of art house films, please refer to my response on abstract intellectuality. However yes, I agree that there is the large slice of audience who would not possess the sophistication in this particular area. I didn't forget them. I never stated them, nor did I insist that commercially released films had to be following the particular approach of such films. I merely just categorized such art house films and film festivals as "The Other Side of Films", where indeed, is worth the appreciation of those who are willing to and are able to.

That's all people. Now I need sleep.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Films Of Our Time

We live in a time where a never ending list of films are constantly added to the cinema screens. Probably an abnormal practice, but I make it a point to catch every single film released, irregardless of any forms of reviews from the media. I am a film-maker myself, and even though occasionally one or two awards may come my way, as a few of you might know, there is a whole world out there to learn. The more one knows, the more one knows that he does not know. Make sense? Back to the films. Every film has its unique theme and storyline, but what makes a good movie? How would a movie production be termed successful?

Apparently what the majority of us watch would be the typical "Hollywood Releases", with big-shot celebrities and USD100 million budgets, but do we realize the other side of the film industry (I will elaborate on this later), other than these "Hollywood Releases", in which I am very rapidly losing faith in. If you are really bored and have nothing to do you are welcome to criticize a few by just clicking the "0 Comments" link just below this article. =) With extreme great tolerance, I will not be condemning any film in this entry but I will attempt to my greatest extent, to give a fair review.

Shallow Hollow

Films were once created for entertainment, they were created for the pure enjoyment of the audience and as such, it was the director's and screenwriter's job, or very often, their personal goal, to send a particular message across. It was a medium in which the film makers and audience communicated. What has become of the films that we see today? Every month comes by and it is hard to miss a new film release. Does anyone notice however, how SHALLOW such films are? Certain films deserve the praise but I have personally seen these big-shot celebrities in films that hold no original concept or any form of sophistication in which will provide provoking thoughts. No, all these never matter anymore somehow. Films now often revolve around one single theme, in which the ENTIRE STORYLINE can be described in ONE SENTENCE.

Money. Money. Money

Financial gains, I would say, has already taken the top priority in film-making nowadays. I am sorry Hollywood but yes, it is films that are produced from you that fall into this category. The money that is brought into the production company somehow overrides the fact that what simply matter the most is still the one single message that is meant to be sent across to the audience. A successful film, if not considering the financial aspect, would be one that is able to keep the audience thinking, one in which the audience will remember and not forget anytime in the near future. Of course, there are real successful movies who are earning big bucks in this decade are films of impeccable standards, in every aspect possible. Such, I will not even dare to raise my critical finger to.

Sex, Violence and Gore

Does it really sell? Apparently yes, they do sell and there are specific markets for them. It has been a strange phenomenon how the fact that human nudity is excessively glorious to human themselves. Nevertheless, it is to be admitted unfortunately that censorship is and should be always set in place, especially from my beautiful hometown. For all the "I'm innocent and I don't want sex and violence" people, grow up. Sex is only obscene in a pornographic movie, and even that is called "Adult Entertainment". Did you ever think of the fact that one short scene of sex can tell an entire story of love, lust, jealousy or even hatred. There IS an artistic side to the natural process of human reproduction. So to all qualified M18 movie watchers, please don't go all "ergh, argh, yucks". Violence and gore, well, its just entertaining isn't it? It adds on to the excitement and horror and terror to whichever theme the film belongs to. However again, to many film-makers, they sell. So they do it.

Local Scene

The local scene I would say, has been interesting. The usual name that is mentioned over and over again with relation to successful Singaporean films is Jack Neo in which well, I don't really wish to comment about. It's just that certain films in Singapore that has been released hold "extremely great potential for endorsements and propaganda". That isn't a really great image is it? I wouldn't say that Mr Neo's movies are entirely bad, they do portray a local feel and they do bring the ideas forward to the audience, but for all who have watched his movies, I'm sure you agree there is a certain level of shallowness in which isn't very acceptable. My sincere apologies for my negative comments Mr. Neo.

On the other side, we have old timer Royston Tan who are not exactly bringing his films out commercially but nevertheless are the standards of Singaporean films. Contrasting scripts he has presented us with, and already seen in a few movies, true stories or interpretations. He has been winning awards well enough but honestly, he is one respectable film-maker.

Lastly, the couple Woo Yen Yen and Colin Goh swooped the Montblanc New Screenwriters Award at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. Yes. An Internationally Recognized Film Festival. A first for Singaporeans I should say. It not only won the hearts of the judges at the film festival, but back here on dear Singapore, really positively placed reviews has been made, including the one by me. The film was one in which the audience LIVED the movie, and not just WATCH it. Of course, this only happened in the Singaporean context but thinking of how they were internationally graced with such awards only reinforce the fact that such "local based" films could travel far from home.

The Other Side of Films

Film festivals, through experience, could be a little more abstract than usual, taking more brain juice to actually understand what is going on. This very often happens in short-film festivals but again, it is not necessarily the norm in film festivals. Take our local example for example which was mentioned above, "Singapore Dreaming", in a Singaporean context of course, wasn't much at all of abstract. Of course, the film also targeted the audience at a commercial level, but still, it has proved its worth watching. Film festivals offer films who have been put in place to compete, and not to earn. This creates a world of difference from the actual movie industry, as naturally, such spirit of competition sparks the desire for innovation and really, such films, especially the winning ones, are worth watching.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Remembering 9/11

9/11 happened 5 years ago and I was then 13, probably old enough to realize that it actually happened, but too tender an age to fully understand the scenes behind the entire event. For half a decade, 9/11 to me, was just a terrorist attack, and to add on to that basic piece of knowledge was more information from the media and school with the themes "terror" and "evil". Such was the impression placed upon me, that 9/11 was just a horribly plotted attack against the Americans, and with constant reminders, that the world was threatened by the terrorists.

I took a little time off my studies today (I always insist that I do) and paid the ridiculous amount of SGD9.50 to watch "World Trade Center". For some particular reason, the fact that it was a true story kind of encouraged me greatly to catch the film. Definitely emotion-evoking and thought-provoking, the cinema was filled with constant gasps of horrors and crying tears of devastation.

At 18 years of age, I have realized that 9/11 wasn't just about the evil and destruction. The aftermath of the catastrophe led to a realization that through the 105 minutes in which the two towers took to collapse (50 minutes for the first tower) after the impact of the planes, hundreds of men risked their lives, with no hesitation, conquering the 110 floors of hell, with only one thought on their minds. Save lives.

Total Victims: 2996

Victims who tried to save others:

  • 319 Firefighters
  • 50 Policemen
  • 1 Civilian

Total Victims Rescued: 20

Out of the 2996 victims, there were 370 courageous and brave souls (1.2 in every 10 victims) who fought against the fires and dangers but died in glory and honor. These were the people who were presented upon a choice and a chance to turn around and live the life they would have lived as of before. In that tragic moment of disastrous chaos however, they chose not to. Today, their names will be forever etched in the history of mankind.

Very often when terrorism, or particularly 9/11 is dealt with, whether at educational levels or even at international levels, images of violence and horror are often greatly brought up. In particular, the event of 9/11, I believe that the goodness, the bravery, the courage and the kindness should be remembered as a side of the story. Where mankind came together to conquer the fear that lingered within each and every individual of the affected.

It is worth remembering, rather than the constant nag of terrorism and destruction of the event. People who had sacrificed their lives, for others whom they had never met or never heard of. People who had rushed into saving others, without a second thought of harm being brought unto them. People who are worth remembering, people who lost their lives in the process of helping another. This defined kindness & bravery.

Watch the movie, "World Trade Center", and through it, a true story of two brave souls, the last two men who were saved from the hell of rubble, will you get the full picture of the good that selflessly fought against the terror of 9/11.

Friday, October 06, 2006


So, I have been pretty bored, lazing around this period in which was meant for my transformation into a really good boy, studious and all that. Anyway, I have setup a little music player at the really famous sidebar of mine, with a few songs in which I think are really good and as such, provide them with such publicity. It's just for the fun of it. Still, enjoy.(read the disclaimer though)

DISCLAIMER: These songs are just previews and are not meant to be listened over and over and over again for your own entertainment. If you like these songs, go buy them.

Be HIP! Support Original. Hahaha.

PS: Sorry for the lack of updates, inspiration's been running away. I'm yet to find it.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Vulgaric Closure

Refer to CheekyMonkey's latest entry, where the usage of profanities have been heavily condemned or rather, the research and then further implementation of vulgarities, have been debated on and proved, in his personal sense, unethical. For readers such as Zed_J, here is your consolation.

Vulgaric Origin: Usage in religion

Why do people swear(or rather, spout vulgarities)?  In all due respect to every religion out there, but ironically and strangely enough, the origins of swearing were greatly related to religion, way back in the early years of civilization. Although such were tabooed usage of language, but they served as mediums to involve in the calling of divine beings and well, curse people.

Vulgaric Art: Entertainment

Swear words, apparently, were a form of entertainment, although I am not able to trace the timeline of such a practice. Occurring in the Norse culture, it involves ritualistic entertainment and individuals creatively insult one another, in front of an audience. Unimaginable in today's context, but indeed, it might have been a great impact on everyday's usage of words. 

Vulgaric Usage: Emotion

Of course, as it may be heavily argued upon, a theory exists that swear-words are stored in different parts of the brain. I believe that such will be activated upon a particular emotion. Observe closely, to yourself or any other who indulge in the usage of profanities that a particular identical swear-word is mentioned at the touch of each and every emotion. For example:

Johnny: Jane, you are a frigging ugly bitch and no one will ever marry you!



Johnny: Jane, you got rejected for the beauty contest. My sympathies.

Jane: Sh*t man. What b&stards!

Well, I am sure you get the idea. It has been considered that the human brain has evolved and that swearing has been classified as an activity with a useful purpose, or rather, as an alternative to responding with violence. Who are we to reject evolution when our vessels have accepted a habit, an instinct. An Emotion.

Vulgaric Conclusion: Read on

Concluding the entry, is one tired me, giving consolations to readers of my beloved CheekyMonkey blog. What is the world without profanities, without flaws? Flaws exist to remind us of the better side of life, and flaws teach us lessons, only then will we be able to emote.

If "vulgarism" is considered a flaw, then it shall thrive, in this civilized society, to bring emotion and to provide feel in everyday's speech and actions. Probably not the best habit around, and it is definitely wise to practice such non-excessively and discretely (agreement with CheekyMonkey) but the existence of swear words will indeed draw a better picture of life. A ban on vulgarities? I doubt so.

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Inspiration

This entry would be condemned heavily by CheekyMonkey, for its irrelevance to his definition of blogging and worse of all, its inability for support in its content. It is not going to be a sensible rant, but more of a recollection of my losses. But anyway, in all defiance of my dear friend, I'm going to continue writing it. Enjoy.

Around twenty months ago I entered the college, realizing its simplicity in its widely known complexity. It ran on a particular system in which I would refuse to adapt to. It was there, I made my reference point. It was a particular individual. Apparently I was pushed by the particular individual, in many ways, not because of any form of positive concern, but through attraction.

Today I indulged in a pretty deep conversation, recollecting hidden memories that somehow were etched in the subconscious portion of my mind. It made me realize how generally, life worked. It was nothing but change, change and more change. It is change that defines your next step, or rather it is change that makes you do the present, or remember the past.

Apparently I was strongly feeling the change of closeness between us. It might have been different at the moment, but rethinking of how change led us to different paths in the short span of two years on the same campus, I would, even if with large amounts of regret, accept the phenomenon of change.

I stated to the particular individual, in large reluctance, a reference marker was placed at the moment of acquaintance, and from the marker, I have experienced and appreciated the extensive phenomenon. I always remembered your loving for the northern lights: Aurora Borealis.

Friday, September 29, 2006

The Medical Officer

"I am sorry but your eczema affects less than 30% of your entire body. Our guidelines state that for any exceptions with relation to National Service, 30% or more of the body has to be affected with eczema.

I have to say that if your eczema will get worse during National Service, AND I AM SURE IT PROBABLY WILL, you can then request for a downgrade.

I am sorry but I am unable to help you."

This was the response of the medical officer at Central Man Power Base just this morning when I made a long trip down from Bishan to their location. With me was A LETTER OF VERIFICATION OF MY ECZEMA CONDITION from a skin specialist from Changi General Hospital.

This, was the final response of the Medical Classification Center. Let me provide a brief overview of what happened BEFORE THAT.

8:50 AM - Seated and waiting for queue number to be called.

9:00 AM - Referred to some sort of secretary of the Medical Officer.

9:10 AM - I was told that it was no big deal and I could just go home. I WAS NOT GIVEN A CHANCE TO SEE THE MEDICAL OFFICER.

9:30 AM - I Insisted on seeing the Medical Officer as according to research, perspiration does aggravate eczema and trust me, I have no desire of deteriorating the condition of my eczema.

9:45 AM - Entered the Medical Officer's room and above (first paragraph), was the response I obtained.

10:00 AM - Went off, pissed. 

I fail to understand why was it that another individual I came to know, with the exact same condition, was given a medical classification so as to ensure that his eczema, or rather his health, was kept at a safe level, whereas I was told to OBSERVE FOR ANY FORM OF MY CONDITION DETERIORATING before I was given such a chance.

Refer to the third paragraph of the Classical Version of the Hippocratic Oath

"I will apply dietetic measures for the benefit of the sick according to my ability and judgment; I will keep them from harm and injustice."

I would really love to enquire on the Medical Officer's view on the hippocratic oath and how he KEEPS THE SICK FROM HARM. It is to be understood that I have gone through 15 years of eczema, and even though conditions have dramatically improved over the years, the condemned skin of mine is just not able to adapt to certain forms of conditions.

And so, with direct relation to the Hippocratic Oath, in which every doctor has to undertake, was his judgement on my condition fair?